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Malicious Activity Exposure Assessment


The Relify Security Malicious Activity Exposure Assessment (MAEA) automatically collects, analyzes, and identifies malicious activities that are happening in your environment right now. Through a quick 3 to 5-day engagement, Relify Security quickly assess how well your security strategies are meeting your goals. By aggregating and correlating a limited scope of your security source data, you will gain immediate insight into malicious traffic, suspected Bot activity and data exposure threats.



Gain instant visibility to unknown malicious activities in your environment

Understand both the volume and impact of malicious activities

Achieve early warnings to unknown threats

Leverage new sources of security intelligence



Real-time identification of malicious or unauthorized traffic

Detects compromised endpoints on your network with behavioral modeling and fingerprinting

Provides detailed reports giving you the data needed to assess risk exposure and identify areas for improved protection



Security Controls Assessment


Relify Security’s Security Controls Assessment (SCA) utilizes both the CIS Critical Security Controls and the NIST 800-53 frameworks to conduct a thorough review and assessment of your current security controls and provides you with a detailed gap analysis report with recommendations for improvement.



Increased awareness of potential threats and risks to company data

Meets standards for regulatory compliance requirements (PCI-DSS, HIPAA, MPAA)

Creates cyber security awareness among your employees



Identifies both technical and process based vulnerabilities

Pinpoints gaps or weaknesses in your current security program

Provides detailed reports giving you the data needed to assess risk exposure and identify areas for improved protection



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Red Team Penetration Testing


Unlike traditional pentests, which use mostly automated tools, Relify Security’s Red Team Penetration Test leverages our expert resources to manually probe and test your security controls just like real-world hackers.




Tests your system, network, applications and more through the eyes of an adversary

Discovers weakness in your development and testing processes

Demonstrates security controls, justify security spending



Full test of all external and internal security controls

Social Engineering

Detailed reports help you understand the impact of a security breach




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