HIPAA Compliance, PCI DSS Compliance and MPAA Content Security Compliance.

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HIPAA Compliance

Relify Security provides our HIPAA Security Risk Analysis through a formalized process that follows the guidelines laid out in NIST Special Publication 800-30 and provides a thorough review of the health care organization’s status as it pertains to HIPAA:


  • Administrative Safeguards (policies and procedures)
  • Physical Safeguards (facility access controls, workstation use, workstation security)
  • Technical Safeguards (hardware/software, transmission security, access control)


Our risk analysis process will provide “an accurate and thorough assessment of the potential risks and vulnerabilities to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic protected health information held by the covered entity.” This risk analysis will ensure that your business has the tools and policies needed to meet HIPAA compliance requirements to qualify for Medicare or Medicaid incentive programs or meet OCR and HHS requirements if audited.




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MPAA Content Security Compliance

In order to work with major studios like Universal, Sony and Disney, your facility must ramp up its digital and physical security controls to meet the required best practices.


Relify Security offers a comprehensive set of services specifically designed to get your origination into compliance and prepared for an MPAA Facility audit.


ISO 27000/NIST Based Risk Assessment (Requirement MS-2.0 Risk Management)

Annual Penetration Testing (Requirement DS-1.9 Perimeter Security)

Monthly Vulnerability Scans (Requirement DS-1.8 Perimeter Security)


Additionally, we can help walk you through the entire process from the initial Risk Assessment to remediation and ultimately your MPAA Audit.






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